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Selectabroker’s extensive experience in working with banks and lending agencies makes us an excellent partner for anyone looking to secure a mortgage in Byford. Given our qualifications and impressive network, you might expect us to attach a hefty price tag to our services, but that is not the case. We help potential borrowers connect with Byford mortgage brokers, and then we stand by our clients as they proceed through the loan application process, liaising with real estate agents and solicitors where necessary – and all of this is completely free.

Our customers begin the process by contacting through our website our calling us toll free. We have agents on call seven days a week until 9 p.m., which means you don’t have slip out during working hours to try and set up an appointment. We leverage our database of lenders to find a perfect match for you, often in the space of just a few minutes. Furthermore, we are also happy to set up an in-person consultation around Byford – or anywhere for that matter.

Byford made its first appearance on Australian maps in 1906, when it was established along the railroad. However, at that point in history, the settlement was known as Beenup (taken from an Aboriginal name for a nearby creek). To this day, Byford is a stop along the railway running between Perth and Bunbury, and this simplifies transportation for locals looking to make a quick escape into Perth city centre, which is just under 40 km to the north-west.

This may not be the countryside, but Byford is far enough removed from Perth to offer plenty of peace and quiet. Leafy boulevards bisect many of the residential developments here, and there is still a hint of that sleepy outpost atmosphere hanging on from a bygone era. That being said, major facilities including Armadale shopping centre are only a short drive away.



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