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For people who are looking to start up a small business or buy a home in the Perth area, finding a good mortgage or loan provider is the first major step. It is also a very important when you have found a financial lender to make sure you are being the offered the very best loan or mortgage option. This takes some time and quite a bit of research to accurately compare all of the financial packages that are on the table.

To speed up this whole process and get you on the right track to securing the perfect loan or mortgage, we at Selectabroker can offer you a time saving shortcut to finding the best Malaga mortgage brokers in the minimum amount of time. With our extensive network of fully qualified financial specialists we can find the lender that will best suit your needs in a matter of hours.

Situated about 11 kilometers north of Perth in Western Australia, Malaga is a mainly industrial suburb with only a few residential properties. There are 2409 businesses based in this northern suburb with the workforces of over 12000 people mainly commuting on a daily basis from Perth. Most of the businesses are light industrial units producing everything from conveyer belts to packing materials.

Malaga is located in the City of Swan, which is the northern metropolitan area of Perth. The area of Swan covers over 1,043 kmĀ² a lot of which is very sparsely populated, the overall population of the Swan district is an estimated 105,000 with a mix of minority groups including South East Asian, Southern European and British. Malaga would make an ideal location for anyone who is thinking of starting up a medium sized light industrial concern, for its location and the relatively low prices of commercial property.



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