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What are you seeking in a real estate investment in Australia? If you live in Western Australia, Select a Broker can help you shortlist your choices and qualify for financing. We at Select a Broker are dedicated to helping you realise and finalise your real estate transactions – turning what was a dream into reality. That is why you want to align yourself with a mortgage broker, such as Select a Broker, to help you in transacting real estate business. Whilst you have a large base of investment opportunities in Australia, you still need assistance in choosing the right lending source. Although it is often easier to buy a property with cash, you always don’t have that kind of option at your disposal. That is why here at Select a Broker we are committed to assisting real estate buyers with their financing requirements. Our professional broker team can assist you in choosing a tailor-made loan for your real estate investment. Each Select a Broker specialist is affiliated with the MFAA and FBAA, ensuring that each transaction is successful and realisable.

If you are an investor who needs a broker in the Australian real estate market, we invite you to call us for an initial consultation. Our service is free. Therefore, calling us is a good first step if you are serious about investing in real estate. Whether you are seeking to purchase a residence or commercial building, or would like to secure a rural loan, Select a Broker can assist you in your objectives. When you contact one of our professional brokers, searching for a property becomes streamlined and fun. Call us today for further details at 1300 510 045. We are available 7 days a week until 9:00 p.m. We look forward to your call and to helping you with your mortgage and investment needs.

Living in the Suburb of Balga

Balga is a suburb of Perth in Western Australia. It is located about 13 kilometres north of the Western Australian capital’s CBD, or central business district. The local government area for the suburb is the City of Stirling. The name for Balga was adopted from an Aboriginal word related to the country grass tree, or Xanthorrhoea preissii. Balga was designed as part of the Mirrabooka Project, with the layout of the buildings and streets beginning in the 1960s. The Australian suburb is bounded by Reid Highway to the south, Mirrabooka Avenue to the east, Wanneroo Road to the west and Beach Road to the north. Balga, which is relatively small yet thriving, is home to approximately 11,000 residents. The youthful suburb’s median age is 31 years old and incomes are below average for the Perth metropolitan area. The population is also more ethnically diverse than other suburbs in Perth. Fewer than 50% of the residents were born in Australia and many of the “locals” come from Italy, Vietnam, Burma, Macedonia and Sudan. Almost 4% of the residents are of Aboriginal origin. The suburb is home to three primary schools, Balga (opened in 1965), North Balga (commencing classes in 1968) and Warriapendi (which was established in 1970). One special school and one private school also are located in the community. The Polytechnic West campus is located in south-east Balga as well. The Balga Senior High School, which opened in 1970, is also a part of the community.



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