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Share your Circumstances with your Mortgage Broker

It can feel uncomfortable to think about sharing your hopes, dreams, and finances with strangers. Yet that is what you must do when it comes to buying property. From the moment you talk to anyone with Select a Broker, though, you will feel at ease. We don’t treat you like a number or an inconvenience. We treat you like we want to be treated and we will listen to what you are looking for. We know everyone has different questions, needs, and financial elements in place. It is by exploring that information with you that we can get a clear picture of how to best help you.

The circumstances of a household are so much more than just what is on paper. Perhaps you are starting a new job and need to live closer to it. Maybe your family will soon have a new addition and you need more room. Changes in life are exciting, but they can also be stressful when you are trying to buy property at the same time. Allow Select a Broker to help you relax and to become more comfortable with the buying process. You will never have to navigate through these waters on your own. Always be honest with such information so we can get a good picture of what you qualify for and the best type of loan for you to apply for. Share your income information, work history, and explain any circumstances that may seem out of the ordinary. By doing so, you allow us to see what we can do for you. There are plenty of non-traditional methods for property loans, so don’t be afraid to be on a path that isn’t always in a straight line. As a team, we can accomplish the loan approval so you can buy the property you are so excited about.

Kardinya Is a Beautiful and Practical Place to Reside

Deciding where you want to live isn’t going to be hard once you see Kardinya. This suburb of Perth is very beautiful and the affordable homes make it quite practical, too. All of us at Select a Broker are excited to share with clients the many homes here because they are a great buy and they are going to continue to increase in value. Often, homes in this area don’t stay on the market for long. Kardinya has a population around 8,900, which makes it a small community where you can get to know your neighbours and those you see at community events. It can be an ideal place to call home. It is close enough to Perth to work there or to visit the city when you feel like it. Yet, you don’t have to live in the centre of all of it, which can be a nice change. The median age of those residing here is 39. If you don’t have a huge amount of money to spend on a home, this can also be a good area to look in, as they tend to be priced lower than some of the other suburbs around Perth.



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