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Make Life Simpler with a Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker can do many things that a traditional bank or loan centre cannot do for you. At Select a Broker, we work closely with you to get the loan you need, whether it is for a home, business, or a professional loan. We get to know you personally so as to find the right loan for you. It is our job to take care of you and we take that job seriously. As mortgage brokers, we are uniquely qualified to find the right type of loan for you. We have years of training and keep up with the latest trends in the real estate market. This way, we can provide you with the most up-to-date information so you can make an informed decision on your loan. Another way we make life simpler for you is that we look out for your best interests. We do not have the same interests that may cloud a lender’s views, so you know you are getting sound advice. At Select a Broker, we provide you with a wide range of loans to choose from so you can have your choice of products. More choices equals better options, which can ultimately lead you to save much more money than if you worked directly with a lender.

Mortgage rates and conditions change on a regular basis, but we as mortgage brokers keep up-to-date with these changes. In addition, we understand them as well as the different application process for each one. By having a well-filled out application, you have a better chance of being approved by the lenders. We at Select a Broker help you fill out the application, submit all the supporting documents, and even submit the application for you. We ensure you are well taken care of from beginning to end.

Start a Life in Lovely Lesmurdie

Lesmurdie is located within the Shire of Kalamunda, a suburb of Perth in Western Australia. The surrounding cities include Walliston, Kalamunda, Carmel, and Bickely. All these provide convenient access to Lesmurdie by driving along Canning Road. There are two shopping centres located in Lesmurdie, one of which is called the Lesmurdie Village, which is located on Sanderson Road. The second shopping centre is called Lesmurdie Road Shopping Centre, which is located on the corner of Lesmurdie Road and Rooth Road. These are both fully stocked with all of your daily needs. If you have children, or are planning on having children, Lesmurdie has three high schools within its city limits for you to choose from. The Lesmurdie Senior High School is run by the government. The others are St. Brigid’s College for girls and the Mazenod College for boys. Both of these are privately operated. All of the school have great academic standards that your child will be happy with. Lesmurdie has a population of 7,956 so it is a nice town to settle down in. No matter what your lifestyle is, we at Select a Broker can help you find the right home, business, or assist you in getting a professional loan so you can start your new life in Lesmurdie.



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Our success stories

Thank you Selectabroker for providing such quick and professional service, for what was a difficult task. We are in our new home and loving it

- Phil and Deb

When we found you guys we thought we had no hope. 3 Banks said no, and you were able find the right home for us. How you guys work for free amazes us

- David and Clare

You guys are amazing, had 2 weeks left to settle and you did it with 2 days to spare. Thank you so much and we will be recommending you to family and friends

- Yosur and Filipa