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Mortgage Loans are Our Speciality

If buying a home or business property in Australia is your goal, Select a Broker can assist you in finding a mortgage loan package tailored to your special financing needs and requirements. We at Select a Broker are specialists when it comes to qualifying investors in real estate financing. We have made it our mission to help property investors in Australia to obtain the loan package they need to invest in Australia-based properties. That is why many investors come to us when they need to finance a piece of real estate. Here at Select a Broker we are well-versed in what is required when identifying a buyer and finding a property that will meet his real estate investment goals and needs. Because the Australian real estate market features a large selection of properties, we are confident that we can match your financing goals with the ideal investment property.

Whether you are seeking a commercial piece of real estate or need a loan for a rural property, the mortgage professionals at Select a Broker will work diligently to make sure you can afford and make money from investment real estate. Our services are free. Therefore, making a call to our company is the first logical step to take if you wish to buy and invest in land or buildings in Western Australia. Once you make a call to the Select a Broker office, you will find that your search will become increasingly easy and beneficial. Contact our office for further details at 1300 510 045. We can answer your call seven days a week until 9:00 p.m. Therefore, there is no time is like the present to contact our office and see why we are considered the top broker company in the real estate field.

Living the Good Life in Bassendean

The town of Bassendean is situated about 10 kilometres north-east of the city of Perth and is a 5-minute drive away from the vineyards of Swan Valley. Made up of a total land area of 11 square kilometres, Bassendean is bordered by the City of Bayswater to the west and the City of Swan to the north. The suburb sits in front of the Swan River, which is this Australian enclave’s playground and local treasure. Shrubs and trees, sedges and rushes keep the soil from eroding along the river. Nearby wetlands in the area support the habitats of waterbirds, frogs and tortoises. The national park system in the area is also home to such interesting bird species as Willie wagtails, Australian kestrels, white cockatoos, silver-eyes and honeyeaters. The suburb of Bassendean began as a settlement known as West Guildford back in 1829. In 1922, the area was renamed as Bassendean. The town, which is bordered by the Swan River on two sides, features parks, recreational areas, and housing, as well as commercial and light industrial areas. Its riverside, which is open to the public, was once used by the Aborigines in the area for ceremonial events and festivities. Even with its natural setting, the suburb is well-served by metropolitan train and bus lines. During the post-World War II period, the area experienced substantial growth, accepting immigrants from Great Britain and other places in Europe and Asia.



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