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Applying for a mortgage can be confusing business, especially given the reams of paperwork and large number of lenders that a person has to sift through before settling on a particular service. Selectabroker simplifies the process for borrowers around Australia. We have accomplished this by piecing together a comprehensive database of Forrestfield mortgage brokers that our clients can leverage to their own benefit.

Our service is completely free to prospective borrowers. Whether you are looking to purchase a house, finance equipment for your business or explore any other development prospects, we have the network it takes to get a project off the ground. We’re on call seven days a week, and we operate outside of standard business hours so that you can work your project into a workable schedule. Call us toll-free or contact us via our website, and we will match you with a suitable lender ready to help finance your project.

Forrestfield community is located about 15 km south-east of Perth and was first settled at the end of the 19th century. There are a couple of different theories on how the community was named. One is that Charles Hale first planted crops here in the native bushland – a field planted in a forest, so to speak. However, that theory overlooks the town’s spelling. Others insist that Forrestfield is named for John Forrest, West Australia’s first premier.

The name still suits the community today. This is an area characterised by rolling, lightly forested foothills. The community is quiet and hosts plenty of farmland despite the fact that Perth is only a short drive away. In spite of the farmland, the commercial side of Forrestfield flourishes. Forrestfield Forum and Forrestfield Marketplace are located near the intersection of Hale Road and Strelitzia Avenue. Edinburgh Road Shopping Centre on Cumberland Road expands the retail offerings.



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