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Whether you are seeking to purchase your first home or invest in a business, opportunities for investing in Australia are abundant. To ensure success with your transaction, it is essential to be realistic about your expectations. Despite the investment alternatives, sales and purchases do not always go smoothly or in a streamlined manner. As a result, you have to carefully consider specific criteria as well as the choice of financing. Whilst it is always easier to buy a property with cash, sometimes you need to opt for financing to realise your investment objectives.

We at Select a Broker want to help you receive the financing you need to achieve your investment goals and dreams. Our qualified team of brokers can assist you in finding the financing arrangements suited to your budgetary requirements. Plus, each Select a Broker agent is affiliated with well-known and credible industry associations, such as the MFAA and FBAA, giving him or her the resources needed to ensure success in buy-and-sell transactions. Therefore, if you are seeking to invest in real estate in Australia, using the services of Select a Broker will enable you to make your financing goals a reality. When you are partnered with the right broker, real estate transactions and property searches are easier to facilitate. Use an industry leader to ensure your success. To shortlist your real estate choices then, first think about the amount you can afford to spend and what type of property purchase you wish to pursue. By consulting a mortgage broker, shortlisting your choices is simpler to do. Whether you are seeking an investment mortgage, home or rural loan or need development or commercial financing, Select a Broker will work for you. Our services are free. Therefore, contact us at 1300 510 045 at your convenience. We are available to answer your questions 7 days per week until 9 p.m. We look forward to helping you with your mortgage financing needs.

The Historical Suburb of Ardross

Properties in the suburb of Ardross, which is located in Perth, Western Australia, are situated in the city of Melville, part of the land that was acquired in 1896 by Sir Alexander Percival Matheson, a Scotsman. The founder gave this area the name of Ardross. It is also a part of the adjoining suburb of Applecross. The name of the street and suburb originates from the name of the Scottish town of Ardrossan, located north of Inverness. Ardross, Applecross and the suburb of Mount Pleasant, are located on a peninsula adjacent to the Swan River. The historical suburb is bordered on the east by Ardross Street, on the west by Wireless Hill Park, on the north by Canning Highway and on the south by Garden City Shopping Centre. Lending to the suburb’s historical appeal is the Wireless Hill Museum, which features a lookout where the surrounding area can be viewed. The landmark site, which once was the home of individual radio communications in Western Australia, now serves as an enclave for rabbits and wildflowers. Since 1985, replanting efforts have yielded a diverse array of flora, including kangaroo paws, orchids, grevilleas and callistemon.



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