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Purchasing a new home is an important investment that requires proper planning before executing any move. Action needs to be taken only after conducting a thorough evaluation of the different options available. Seasoned real estate professionals can also prove very helpful during the negotiation process of acquiring property. As such, it is vital to find a suitable mortgage broker to ensure you’re buying the exact kind of property which addresses your accommodation requirements. Expect to receive good guidance during the application process and oversight when signing a financing contract among other crucial forms of assistance. Partnering with the right mortgage brokers assures you of benefitting from the best plan for your mortgage. This is where Select a Broker can be of strategic assistance to the fulfilment of your objectives. You can trust our expertise since we maintain a team of seasoned professionals who offer generous advice about all your mortgaging concerns. They are always available throughout the week and you can call us at any time on 1300 510 045 to receive the support you need. You can also reach us via email and you can rest assured of getting expert counsel on what kind of property suits your specific requirements.

Think of settling down in Osborne Park if you enjoy the serene atmosphere present within suburb dwellings. This area falls under the City of Stirling in terms of local government and is located in Perth, Western Australia. The name Osborne Park is derived from a butcher called William Osborne, who owned and operated abattoirs along Wanneroo Road and was later elected to Perth Road Board (the predecessor of City of Stirling) back in 1875. There are a lot of warehouses and small businesses found in Osborne Park, along with larger retailers like Officeworks, Harvey Norman, Rick Hart, Kambo’s, Hungry Jack’s and IGA. A Mission and Evangelisation school called The Acts 2 Bible College is located here as well. Various shopping outlets and cafes are found on Main Street, including Amaretto, Siderno, Villa Picasso and Cafe Bellini. Osborne Park shopping centre comprises Australia Post, IGA, Montello Gourmet Deli, Flight Centre, Salvia Hair Design, Meats Butcher and Capelli’s Men’s hair. Osborne Park Hotel/Pub/Restaurant is a family-owned business. Select a Broker can facilitate the acquisition of property within this location that gives you access to the largest car yard premises in Australia.

Average Cost of Housing in Osborne Park

The industrial and residential area which the City of Stirling covers was top among a list of the suburbs most affordable lying within a radius of 10km to 20km of Perth CBD. A study of house prices located close to Perth put the median house price of Osborne Park that is found roughly midway in between the city and Scarborough Beach, at $436,000. The suburb also ranked 17th among the list of suburbs which lie within a radius of 20km from the CBD. A majority of Osborne Park residents prefer staying close to the CBD even if they have to rent for a longer time duration or purchase a smaller home. Select a Broker is your ideal intermediary when finding and purchasing the home of your dreams within this suburb.



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