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Flexible Mortgage Arrangements for Home Acquisition

Identifying the home that is appropriate for your short- and long-term needs can be a convenient matter if you come to us at Select a Broker. You only need to call us toll-free on 1300 510 045 to benefit from our free service on any day of the week. Alternatively, you can ask for our assistance via the email contact available on this page. We are keen to be of help whatever your taste in property is, and we can find a home to fit your needs. A lot of buyers who approach us for support with acquiring real estate enjoy our ability to connect them with numerous financiers both locally and across the nation. We have an array of licensed mortgage brokers in Riverton and other locations to advise you on matters of property acquisition. Look forward to getting deals that address your present circumstances, whatever they may be. These expert professionals will sift through volumes of information in the quest to find the best choice of property for you. Staying up-to-date on current market conditions enables them to make prudent choices that address the needs of clients. We can also evaluate your income and debt status to aid us in matching you with the right opportunities in real estate. Our competent representatives will even handle details relating to your employment and making a down-payment, alongside disclosing important information such as good-faith estimates. Advice on procedures for purchasing and financing property is also available from us. We take you through all stages of obtaining your dream property in a calm and supportive manner. Enlisting assistance from Select a Broker is a strategic decision that enables you to navigate the slippery path of acquiring property with confidence.

Riverton is located roughly 14km, or just 15 minutes from Perth, with the Canning River forming part of its boundary in the north-eastern section. This suburb exists within the City of Canning, located south-east of Swan River. Leach Highway, Vahland Avenue and High Road are the main roads passing through Riverton, which also has a local library, packed with recreational facilities, called the Riverton Leisureplex. Stockland Riverton shopping centre is oftentimes called Riverton Forum, which is its former name. Adenia Road Park links Ferndale’s Canning River Regional Park with parkland which lies beside Riverton Bridge and hosts an assortment of amenities within its boundaries. These include Adenia Park Lagoon, the Canning River, a dog exercise area, natural bush walk paths, lookouts, a bike path and a playground.

Social Amenities Available in Riverton

The City of Canning manages the area known as Clune Park, which carries the name of the renowned Catholic Archbishop, Patrick Clune. The Christian Brothers gave it this name after purchasing 160 acres of land to the immediate east of Riverton Bridge. Queen of Apostles Primary School and Riverton Primary School are the two educational facilities present within Riverton that meet the primary schooling needs of residents. You can consult with our agents at Select a Broker to boost your chances of acquiring a prime piece of property falling anywhere in Riverton.



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