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Making a major purchase is stressful enough as it is, and that’s without the

complication of trying to find a finance broker that’s ready to work for you.

Networking your way to the right loan is notoriously difficult, but it doesn’t have to

be. Selectabroker has forged powerful networks with leading Victoria Park finance

brokers, and we’re on call to connect you with lenders that are ready to work with

you. Our service is completely free to borrowers, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t

loaded with value. To set the process in motion, get in touch with us here via our

website or by calling us on our toll-free number. We’ll take down some of your basic

financial information and set to work finding local brokers who can meet with you at

your convenience to work on the specifics of your loan. This person will also help

finalise your application and negotiate with local lenders on your behalf.

Victoria Park is right on the doorstep to the Perth CBD, on the opposite bank of the

Swan River. This is a go-to community for young people and professionals who

want to be close to the action. The community’s bursting with cafés, boutiques,

leisure facilities and pubs. And best of all, a car is simply not a requirement given the

abundance of public transport options and the simple fact that the CBD is a mere

3 km away. This is a diverse community, and a Victoria Park mortgage broker

can secure finance on a home here with relative ease, as this is one of the most

affordable places to buy a flat this close to the CBD. Victoria Park is actually a target

area for property investors, with several historic homes that could blossom with a bit

of remodelling. Attractive opportunities also exist for small business owners who’d

like to open a café or shop.



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