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For those of you who are looking for a loan or a mortgage in the Perth area, look no further, we at Selectabroker are here to help you find the financial package to suit you every need. Whether you need a loan to purchase a first home, a business or an agricultural loan, Selectabroker can find the right financial expert to get you the right deal.

Using our extensive network of financial specialists, we can put you directly in touch with a number of highly qualified Yanchep mortgage brokers. This gives you the chance to negotiate the very best loan or mortgage option in your area, without having to arrange meetings or make endless telephones calls. Our service is completely free, so using Selectabroker will not cost you a single penny. If you are looking for a mortgage or loan in the Perth area give us a call at Selectabroker.

Located 31 miles north of Perth, Yanchep is a coastal suburb with a population of just over 4200. Yanchep is linked to the Perth metropolitan area by two roads the 71 Marmion Avenue and the 60 Wanneroo Road, the nearest train station is at Clarkson, which is 17 km to the south. The suburb has few amenities but it does have grocery stores, a retirement home and a medical center. Most people drive to Clarkson or Joondalup further to the south for their shopping and services.

Yanchep was built in the early 70’s by the property tycoon Alan Bond who envisioned Yanchep as the sun city of the west coast. However, by 1974 the project came to a standstill and a Japanese company took over to complete the suburb. Yanchep attracts a number of tourists each year and there are numerous places to stay including beachside accommodation and caravan parks.



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